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The Final Blog Post

Hey guys, as the title states this is the final blog post, it will be a reflective video of this years coursework. This has been a fun module and I look forward to doing it next year. Thank you all… Continue reading →

Week 23 – The Last Film Night

Hey guys, this is it, the penultimate blog, the final frontier, the finale you’ve all been waiting for. As this is a special post we thought it was necessary to watch two films in one night, I know crazy right?… Continue reading →

Week 22 – Indiana Film Night

Hi guys, straight away you’re probably thinking that the title is horrendous, and I completely agree but what else is there to do really. This is another blog post for Social Media coursework Component C and this is the second… Continue reading →

Week 21 – Fast and the Film Night

Hi again, the parody title of this blog post is of Fast and the Furious. This week is going to be a bit different as me and Tom decided to do something new, this weeks blog will be done in… Continue reading →

Week 20 – Tropic Film Night

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve BEEn well. You see what I did there? Anybody? Yeah moving on… so as you can probably tell by the corny joke (and if you read last weeks blog post) we watched Bee Movie today…. Continue reading →

Week 19 – Lost in film Night

Hey guys it’s your boy, back at it again with Component C coursework blog for Social Media. The title parody for this week is Lost in Translation, at this point I’m just choosing random films to make a title. This… Continue reading →

Week 18 – Lord of the Film Night

Hey everyone, it’s me, I’m back. This is another blog post for Component C for the Social Media coursework. The parody of the blog title is from Lord of the Rings, don’t ask me which one I just wanted a… Continue reading →

Week 17 – Film Night Assemble

Hi guys I’m back again for the third blog post of component C for the Social Media coursework, this weeks blog name parody is of Avengers Assemble a great first coming together of the first five marvel movies. Going into… Continue reading →

Week 16 – The Film Night Strikes Back

Hi everyone I’m back again for the second blog post of component C for the Social Media coursework, as most people will realise today’s blog post name is a parody of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and… Continue reading →

Week 15 – Film Night Begins

Hey guys, it’s me I’m back on the blogging. It’s the first week back for the second term so happy 2018 and all that. For the next nine weeks I will be blogging each week about what has happened in… Continue reading →

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